Sacred Fire Ritual Gift Set (Gift Wrapped)


This Yule/Christmas treat yourself or loved one to one of Mystic Jaggers Full Rituals! Each Ritual is sacredly gift wrapped with foliage from the Apothecary garden and shipped in a Eco waterproof mailer sack! To make this Ritual gift even more magical you can add in one of our Handcrafted Organic Beeswax + Pure Essential Oil Ritual Candles! 

Limited Edition - The Sacred Fire Ritual

This festive, soul warming blend is the perfect ritual for snuggling by the fire on a chilly autumnal or winters evening. As the frost draws near, the dark nights close in and the veil becomes thinner on the transition to Samhain + Yule cherishing ourselves couldn't be more important. This Ritual is blended with the intentions of inviting in success, luck, prosperity, immortality, increased psychic abilities + empowered health.

The Ritual includes Tea (x3 cups), Bath Potion + Non Toxic Incense for cleansing

The Sacred Fire Ritual has been hand blended on the Full Moon with intuitively selected organic spices, oils + salts before being blessed with Reiki Master Energy + Celtic Traditions. 

This spicy blend full of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, apple + elderberry is a sure way to light the fire within!

The inspiration for this blend was drawn from many chilly autumnal evenings wrapped in a crochet blanket in front of the fire with my beloved grandmother! My obsession and strong energetic pull to fire + fire therapy was born from a young age after many Friday evening rituals with my grandmother, of bonfires in the back garden under the light of the moon before retiring for a strong cup of spices to soothe the soul + warm the heart! As the tea simmers + bath potion brews, the aroma of cinnamon spice encapsulates the home as a sure way to get you in the festive spirit as the veil becomes thinner on the journey to Samhain + Yule.

In wiccan tradition as the apple is the symbol of immortality, when buried on Samhain this would ensure a rebirth in spring and food for the coming winter months would be in abundance!

This blend can be used any day of the week as guided!

Known Magical Benefits Of Spices

Love, protection, deep healing, luck, divination, lust, money, success, inner power, immortality, increased psychic ability, warming of the soul

Chakra Clearing

Crown, Third Eye, Heart + Root


Tea Per Cup –Add roughly 12 oz of already boiled water to a saucepan on a low heat Moon water is desired), add the full potion jar of spices to the saucepan, allowing this to gently simmer, stirring throughout with your cinnamon stick for roughly 10 mins, reciting your magical intentions you wish to bring into your life over the coming winter months. Strain into your favourite chalice.

Bath Potion – Pour roughly half to the full jar of bath potion directly into warm bath water, adding your cinnamon stick and dried oranges to float around you as you drift into a world of magical wishes

Ingredients: Tea+Bath Potion

Tea: Organic: cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, elderberry + dried apple

Bath Potion: Spices as above, orange slices, cinnamon bark, 100% therapeutic grade cinnamon + sweet orange essential oil, Epsom salt, dead sea salt


 Allow our 'Stay Wild', All natural, Organic Beeswax + Pure Essential Oil Ritual Candle take you back in time to the old ways of life! Re-wilding and connecting back to Mama Earth! Imagine yourself laying on a forest floor, listening to the crackle of her wick, just as you would cosied around the fire after a hard day of foraging from the land! The soft, subtle + gentle aroma of fresh firewood, with smokey notes cascading within a dew dripping woodland with undertones of a misty morning! Invigorating the mind, settling the soul + creating the ambience of freedom to howl under the stars! As you are safe cosied in your dwelling, allow our 'Stay Wild' Ritual Candle to take you on your journey to a magical world of wishes + dreams coming true!


This little Beeswax Treasure has been handcrafted using only the purest of all organic,  ingredients, some which are rare to find, just as Mama Earth has intended, providing us with her magic + blessed with reiki master energy, ensuring your emotional, spiritual + physical wellbeing is cradled with love throughout your Ritual Magick experience! This is the perfect addition to your Herbal Rituals, as you bask in your botanical Bath Potion + Sip on your herbal potion listening to the crackle!


In creation of this candle, the purest of intuitively selected essential oils have been used, each with magical + physical correspondences to re-awaken and re-wild the soul! 


Magical Benefits of Our Stay Wild Candle 

Luck, Love, Lust, Money, Abundance, Divination, Reconnection to Self, Wilding the Soul, Eliminating Negative Energy + Evil Spirit, Cleansing the Aura

(For centuries the concoction of essential oils used in this little blend,  have been used in Celtic Witchcraft for luck + money Spells and Rituals) 


Know Physical Benefits of the Essential Oils Used

Promotes Relaxation, Supports Peaceful Sleep, Enhancing and Supporting Brain Function + Alertness



Candle Info

  • All natural ingredients, Organic Beeswax, Organic Coconut Oil + Organic 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil
  • Natural non toxic Wooden Wick
  • 180ml Amber Jar with Aluminium Lid
  • Comes with affirmation, instruction and full ingredient list card
  • Roughly 40 hour burn time (make sure to follow our candle care instruction for optimum use)


Candle Care Info 

  • Burn for no more than 3-4 hours at a time.
  • A complete wax pool should be achieved within the first burn and if possible with each burn there after
  • Keep the wick trimmed before each burn to 0.5mm to prevent smoking and a large flame (we don't want our little jar to become to hot for our little paws)
  • Never remove any wax from the candle.
  • Never leave your candle unattended, keep out of reach from children and pets.
  • Do not burn near aquatic life.
  • Do not move the candle once lit
  • Keep on a flat surface free from draughts and anything that may be deemed flammable 


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