Here at Mystic Jagger, we make absolutely no medical claims. Our herbal teas, bath potions + products are here to simply support the spiritual + emotional wellbeing of our customers. We are not here to give advice or be responsible for any medical interactions that may occur. As herbs, essential oils and salts, although organic and natural from mama earth, can in some cases interact with medications, medical treatments, conditions, pregnancy + breastfeeding, therefore we strongly suggest researching and consulting your medical practitioner for a professional opinion if you feel any of the ingredients may interact with any of the above before purchase or consumption. We are here to support and share love and comfort, we are in no way medical professionals or claim to be in any way. The listed physical + magical benefits of the herbs come through research of folklore and the old ways of living from the land passed down through centuries, therefore we believe it is each + every persons responsibility and right to be conscious of the above listed and consult a medical practitioner if you feel in any way you may be negatively effected by any of our ingredients or products. We love our customers dearly and wish in NO way for you to be uncomfortable or negatively effected by our products or ingredients used.

We add absolutely no ingredients than that which are listed in our product descriptions and ritual cards that are provided with your little treasures. That being said, we cannot be responsible or state that our products have not came into contact through production with dairy, nuts, wheat or gluten. We do not add any of these listed ingredients to our products without listing them clearly, but we cannot say that trace elements are not present. If you have any of the above allergies and are concerned, please contact your medical practitioner before purchase or consumption. Your wellbeing is our absolute number one priority and we wish every person to be purchasing for the right reasons and informed correctly to make the best decisions for your journey.