Below I have detailed some FAQ's! If indeed your query is not answered specifically below, please connect with me on Instagram @mystic.jagger or pop me a wee email, info@mysticjagger.com.
Can I purchase Potions individually and not as a Full Ritual?
Ofcourse you can! When creating these little beauties, I was so aware that some may be more drawn to experience the tea alone, or indeed the bath potion alone. If you head to the collection named potions, you can selected each blend individually as a tea or bath potion in your desired Glass Potion Bottle or Refill Bag.
I don't have a bath, can I still benefit from the Full Ritual?
Ofcourse you can! The Bath Potions are beautifully used as a foot soak! Getting your paws into the herbs + salts can be an excellent option for grounding! I often take my desired Bath Potion + little bucket out in nature and experience the foot soak under the moons illumination!
What is the best way to brew my tea?
I often feel the best method is to use a tea strainer or diffuser. Taking roughly 3g of herbs in your desired herbal tea strainer to every 10oz of nearly boiling water. Placing the strainer in your favourite chalice and covering with the boiling water, allowing to steep for a minimum of 5 minutes to 15.
I forgot how long my tea was straining and now it's too strong! 
As we are all very busy Witches, it's not uncommon to get distracted and over brew your tea! Fear not! I like to just add some extra nearly boiling water to taste and next time set a little egg timer! 
Why does my tea sometimes taste slightly bitter?
The herbal teas can become slightly bitter if we burn/scald the herbs or steep for too long! I recommend using almost boiling water (once the kettle has boiled, leave it to stand for a minute or two before steeping your herbs) and remember to set that timer!
Do I have to practise Witchcraft to enjoy a Mystic Jagger Ritual?
NO! Absolutely NOT! Mystic Jagger Rituals are for absolutely everyone looking to reconnect with themselves and engage in some well deserved sacred you time!
Do I have to use my moon phase Ritual on the exact day! 
No! For the New + Full Moon Rituals, I truly believe that it is our own ritual + path, therefore if on the peak of the Full or New Moon you do not feel like it or other life events have came in the way, you should use your ritual exactly when you guided. Remember the New + Full Moon energy lasts for a few days either side of the peak! 
Are any of your claims medical?
None of Mystic Jagger's Rituals or Potions are here to make any medical claims! Our knowledge of ingredients come from the folklore/old ways of living from the land and research of herbs from the land for relaxation and aiding your spiritual experience to soothe and support any of the listed benefits. We never intend to claim that any of our products will cure, solve or replace medical treatment in any way. If indeed you are concerned about a medical condition or medication you are taking that may be effected by the ingredients used in relation to any of Mystic Jagger Rituals/Products or ingredients, please consult your medical practitioner before consumption. 
I have Allergies, are Mystic Jagger Potions safe for me to use?
All of Mystic Jagger Rituals + Potions are made with organic ethically sourced ingredients. We add absolutely nothing else to our products than that listed on the ritual cards provided or in our product descriptions. If indeed you have an allergy to any of the listed ingredients, please consult your medical practitioner before consumption and we can take no responsibility for this. We also cannot claim that our products have not came into contact or have trace elements of other allergens, such as wheat, gluten, nuts + dairy. Although we do not add any of these ingredients to our products without listing them, we cannot be responsible if indeed the product has trace values through production or sourcing. 
Can I Use Mystic Jagger Rituals When Pregnant or Breastfeeding?
As some herbs, salts and essential oils are not safe to use when pregnant and breastfeeding, please consult your medical practitioner before consumption or purchase to be sure that they are safe for you to use. Consumption or use of our products when pregnant or breastfeeding are at your complete discretion. 
How long is my product suitable for use?
As all the ingredients we use are natural from Mother Earth and we do not add preservatives to them, we suggest our teas are suitable for consumption up to 6 months after purchase and bath potions 1 year. 
Can I eat my bath potion?
The answer is NO! I know this may seem like a silly question but I have been asked this before. No Bath Potion is suitable for ingestion. Although the ingredients are herbs, salts and essential oils coming from Mother Nature, we do not recommend any internal ingestion of these products should be had under any circumstance. 
Do I have to follow the exact method on the Ritual Card in my kit?
Absolutely not! As a ritual + life coach I have provided in my experience the best way to introduce yourself to Ritual Practise. This is your journey so please incorporate methods and practises that you feel you are guided to. (please do follow product advice) 
What is the little muslin bag for? 
I have provided a little muslin bag in each of the botanical rituals that include a bath potion. This is just simply an alternative option for use. I personally love to immerse myself into the array of herbs and botanicals and feel them soaking into my skin, but others I know would prefer a less messy option hehe! As my mum would say 'I don't like floaters in the bath' 
How Long Will My Treasure Take To Arrive With Me?
I handcraft every potion with the upmost care, therefore I head to my local (very small) post office to ship orders once per week on a Wednesday Morning. Orders will close on the website each Tuesday at 12pm for same week delivery. If an order comes through after 12pm on a Tuesday, the item will be shipped the following Wednesday morning! I use Royal Mail 1st and 2nd class shipping depending on the option you choose at checkout, shipping times are usually no longer than 3 - 5 days, after dispatch.
Will Covid-19 Effect Shipping Times? 
As we are all so aware of the challenges globally we are experiencing this year, shipping times may be slightly effected.