In the apothecary, we are so conscious of working in harmony with Mother Earth + doing our absolute best where we can to respect and love her as she deserves! Our packing has been selected to be either fully recyclable or reusable!
All of our Rituals will arrive in magical boxes with the Potions + Ritual Cards sealed with a wax stamp! You can see our beautiful customer experiences on our Instagram highlights @mystic.jagger.
In the process of selected our perfect little Potion Bottles, I really wanted to include an element from my Scottish Heritage + lineage and what better way to honour my roots than popping the Potions into little Whisky Bottles!
Our Glass Potion Bottles make the perfect opportunity to store your favourite kitchen accoutrements or beauty products after use. Also we have an option to repurchase Mystic Jagger Potions in Refill bags to top up those beautiful little potion bottles!
All of our boxes are recyclable and all protective fillers we use to keep your Potions safe, are from our own recycled boxes! When scouring the internet for packaging fillers to keep your Potions + Rituals safe during transit, I was sitting shredding all my own boxes for composting and I thought to myself why buy in more when I can use what we have here! Now, our family and friends are forever saving all their unused cardboard boxes for shredding in the Apothecary! It takes us a lot more time than clicking next day delivery on a packaging companies website, but here in the apothecary we would rather reuse + repurpose where we absolute can! 
We hope one day to be able to facilitate customers the ability to send back our Glass Potion Bottles for refilling at a discounted price here at the apothecary, but as we are still a little bud of business, it will have to come later, however it is something we are working towards every day! 
On all orders with multiple rituals, we will try our best to always limit the amount of packaging used where we can!