All 5 Blends Of Bath Potion


In this magical gift set, you will receive one of each of my 5 magical bath potion blends in a new smaller, single use size! This way you can have a try of each blend before deciding on what Full Ritual may be best for you or a loved one! Each is blended on either the new or full moon, brewed for a full moon cycle before being blessed with Reiki Master Energy, providing you the most herbal magick for the ultimate Ritual Bath! 


Included: 1 of each - 

New Moon 

Full Moon



Wild Woman 

For full blend descriptions, please see individual product listings within the Shop your Rituals Collection or Shop your Potions! 

Customer Reviews

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Lauren M.
So far … Amazing!

I have only used one so far, the soothing blend. After a week of being sick and having two little ones also sick to take care of, it was really relaxing to use, just what I needed. The smell of the ingredients were lovely and you guessed it soothing haha! The packaging of the blends are lovely, the descriptions on the backs are really informative and lists all the details you need to know. I would definitely recommend and will probably purchase the full size ones once I’ve worked my way through these.