Limited Edition Geamhradh, Organic Beeswax + Pure Essential Oil Ritual Candle

Allow our 'Geamhradh', (translating as ‘The Dark Forest’ in old scots), all natural, Organic Beeswax + Pure Essential Oil Ritual Candle, take you back in time to the old ways of life, re-wilding and re-connecting back to Mama Earth on the rise to Samhain + Yule. This little Beeswax Treasure has been handcrafted in the apothecary using only the purest and rarest of organic ingredients + blessed with reiki master energy. This is the perfect addition to your Mystic Jagger Herbal Moon Rituals, as you bask in your botanical Bath Potion + Sip on your magical Tea Potions. Snuggled by the fire, listen to her crackle, gaze upon her rich green mossy colour + allow yourself to feel comforted + cuddled by the ancient lands that surround us! This candle is not only a joy for the senses but a spell in herself, as you light her with intention bridging the path between the goddesses of nature and your own magical spirit. 
As a practising Scottish Celtic Witch, over this last year, my craft has developed in many ways. Being invited by Mama Earth + The Moons Magick to dive deeper into the sacred shadow healing of the Scottish forests. I’ve spent many months wandering these sacred lands as the wheel turns, gifting me the inspiration for this powerful blend. Using these sacred + ancient oils in my own practice enhancing my connection to the fae, nature goddesses + wild woman ancestors that have guided + protected me on my quest thus far. I’ve often wished I could share not only the magick but the aromas of raw earth she provided me in her wisdom, so here we are, my offering of bringing you along with me on the healing journey of ‘The Dark Forest’.
As our darker months draw near + the veil becomes thinner each day, cosying around the fire as we honour the rest, recovery and hibernation energy that fills our souls during these months. A time for reflection, soul nourishment + inner self love practice.
As our Wheel Of The Year turns, our Forrest’s must become dark, as the trees become bare, shedding their leaves, the forest floor under foot becomes bountiful. Creating a blanket of comfort as the soil beneath us ripens. Just as the Forest, we must hibernate, we must shed our leaves in preparation for our rebirth in spring. The Geamhradh blends represents an accumulation of encapsulating, primal and raw mossy, earthy, rich and woody notes with the sweetheart warming hints of cinnamon spice and wild orange. Although the forest and night sky alike are dark, it's important we keep our hearts warm + held during this phase. On our rise to Samhain and Yule, these magical herbs, oils and spices provide us the escape to go inwards in our cosy dwellings as we prepare to welcome spirit to protect us through The Dark Forest Months.
Magical Benefits of Our Geamhradh Ritual Candle 
Attuning To The Spirit Of The Forest, Gods + Goddesses, Grounding, Protection, Luck, Love, Lust, Money, Abundance, Divination, Reconnection to Self, Re-Wilding the Soul, Eliminating Negative Energy + Evil Spirit, Cleansing the Aura, Strength, Courage, Bridging The Gap Between Spirit + Physical Worlds, Soothing Emotional Trauma, Casting Safety
Stay Wild + Keep Howling! x

Candle Info

  • All natural ingredients, Organic Beeswax, Organic Coconut Oil + Organic 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil
  • Natural Wooden Wick
  • 200ml Forest Green Glass Jar with Gold Lid
  • Roughly 30 hour burn time (ensuring to follow our candle care instruction for optimum use)

Candle Care Info 

  • Burn for no more than 3-4 hours at a time.
  • A complete wax pool should be achieved within the first burn and if possible, with each burn there after
  • Keep the wick trimmed before each burn to 0.5mm to prevent smoking and a large flame (we don't want our little jar to become to hot for our precious paws)
  • Never remove any wax from the candle
  • Never leave your candle unattended, keep out of reach from children and fur babies
  • Do not burn near aquatic life
  • Do not move the candle once lit
  • Keep on a flat surface free from draughts and anything that may be deemed flammable 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Another gorgeous product from Mystic Jagger!

Love the fragrance - it feels cosy 😊 and the crackle from the wooden wick just gives it that extra special something ❤️

A real gem

Geamhradh - what a beauty. The balance of essential oils is truly magic, capturing the essence of the old forest and bringing that straight into my living room. It takes real skill to be able to capture and blend in such a balanced way. As someone who reacts badly to overpowering or synthetic fragrances, this candle is perfect. Neither overpowering nor too subtle - and both my wee girls loved it as soon as they came into the room! Very happy with my purchase and I shall be enjoying it throughout the Samhain and Yule season. Blessings to you Alana 🙏🏻💫

Kristina Keane

This candle is absolutely gorgeous! It looks so unique, smells absolutely amazing, and I love the sound of the crackling from the wooden wick. It turns my flat into a cosy cabin in the woods.