Organic Herbal Potion (Tea) With Handcrafted Mug


Each Herbal Potion (Tea) has been hand blended on either the Full or New Moon with intuitively selected organic herbs + blessed with Reiki Master Energy + Celtic Traditions, gifting you an experience of magical manifestation, opening the pathway to reconnect with Yourself + Mother Nature

Penrhiw Pottery have created the most magical little cauldron like mugs for us at Mystic Jagger! Selecting your potion and brewing in your special mug that only you has the pleasure of using during your sacred Ritual and self care time! 

Each one individually hand thrown + glazed meaning each has it's own beautiful unique markings + variations! Choose From: 

Green Cauldron 

Blue Cauldron

Green Small 

Blue Small 

Your Potion Options: 

Tranquillity - Our calming blend best used in the evenings before to induce deep relaxation, open our heart chakra and promote gentle heart healing, allowing an abundance of love to flow in to our souls as we rest peacefully

Soothing - Our protection + immune supporting blend with herbs used + known for centuries in folklore medicine to support anti-inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti septic properties. The perfect soul soother on a summers evening! It has also been known to have supporting herbs for soothing our digestive systems, especially around the festivities, after a large meal this blend is lovely for settling our tummies in the evening. 

New Moon - This is our Manifesting Potion! best used around the New Moon to bring our wishes + dreams to life!

Full Moon - The Full Moon is the time in the lunar cycle for letting go, release + detoxification. Each herb selected in this blend hold energetic properties to each of the above.

Wild Woman - This is our menstrual supporting blend. For centuries the herbs used have been used by wild women to support us during our monthly bleed. Serenading + celebrating our cycle for how truly amazing it is, while supporting + soothing some of the physical symptoms we can experience! 

For full list of ingredients, magical + physical benefits of each of our Potions, please see specific product listings in the Apothecary 

Customer Reviews

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Loving my cauldron mug and strainer which is ideal for my tranquility tea ritual. What a way to end a busy day 💗


I adored the mug from seeing it in and IG live and immediately went to order. It is absolutely stunning and has become my favourite go to mug and is just a little special something that’s just for me. The tea straining basket is great and fits perfectly into the mug. The tea blend is lovely and super relaxing for the end of the day before bedtime. Time to wind down, release the day and prepare for a tranquil sleep. Perfect. I have received so many comments on my mug from people when I have my video meetings. As they are handcrafted snap them up when they become available. The service that I received was impeccable and I have no qualms is recommending the products or the business to anyone.