Stay Wild Ritual Bath Oil


This magical blend of the purest oils, essential oils and herbs is the perfect addition to your sacred Ritual Bath! 

Pouring just a splash into your warm, herb filled flower bath, enhancing the notes of the herbs and nourishing your skin with the most luxurious oils! Brewed using the old ways over two moon cycles this potent oil welcomes in all the magick and mystical energy you can imagine! 

Although Our Stay Wild Organic Ritual Oil can be used just on her own, I always love to use her as part of either a Full Mystic Jagger Ritual (which you can find in the 'Shop Your Ritual' Section of our website) but I often like to use her with some others that I have placed together as gift set options for you within our Magickal Gift Set Collection named the 'Sacred Ritual Bath Gift Set'  listing, where you can choose to add in some of the magical extras that are pictured here. 

This little oil can be used in many ways to wake the witch inside you, reconnect you back your innate wild ways and cherish your body in the most sacred self care you deserve! 

You can use it: 

As a Ritual Bath Oil

A Nourishing Hair Mask 


Body Oil At Any Time Of The Day

Magical Benefits 

Lust, Divination, Manifestation, Focus, Abundance, New Beginnings, Connection To Source


Organic Therapeutic Grade Sweet Almond Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Our Signature Stay Wild Essential Oil Blend, Rose, Dried Rose


Add one capful to your warm bath water. If using as a hair mask, coat from root to tip and leave for 1 hour before rinsing well using a natural shampoo and conditioner. For a more intense mask, leave on overnight (making sure to pop a little something on your pillow, no one wants an oily pillow case hehe!) If using as a body oil, use sparingly, gently rubbing in long sweeping motions allowing to soak in before dressing. 

ps. as oils can be very slippy in the bath please be extra careful when entering + exiting the bath. please do not use on skin before direct sun exposure. always use appropriate SPF. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I bought this as a gift. I know that she loved it and everything about it, including the packaging. Now I need to buy one for myself…

Alison Wheeler
Stay Wild bath oil

As always the most wonderful, magical and soothing product from Mystic Jagger. Healing in every bath. Thank you Alana!

Helen Tomlinson
Mother earth captured in a bottle

Such a gorgeous blend of oils that smell divine. As soon as I applied the oil, I was transported to a woodland surrounded by the aromatic scents of nature. Such a nurturing oil that is full of goodness.

Lauren M.

Out of the things that I purchased this is my absolute favourite. The packaging of the oil gives it an old time feel which I love. The smell of the oil blend is my new favourite scent, I am obsessed with it. I have used the blend in the bath, my skin felt amazing and so soft afterwards. I have also used it on my scalp and the ends of my hair as part of a well needed pamper day. I simply applied in the morning and plaited my hair and then washed out in the evening! Amazing, I will be buying this over and over!

Michelle Goodall
Smells divine

Absolutely beautiful, I opened the bottle as soon as it arrived and put it over my arms. It smells amazing and my skin feels so soft. Everything I have bought from here is just magical. I can’t wait to have a bath with it tonight .