Tranquillity Potion


Our Tranquillity Potion + Bath Ritual has been hand blended on the Full Moon with intuitively selected organic herbs + blessed with Reiki Master Energy + Celtic Traditions, gifting you an experience of magical deep relaxation, opening the pathway to reconnect with Yourself + Mother Nature.

The Tranquillity Potion is best used in the evening helping to induce deep relaxation for meditation and peaceful sleep!

 Known Magical Benefits Of Selected Herbs

Love, Increase of Romance, Protection, Deep Healing, Rejuvenation, Self Love + Connection, Purification, Luck, Divination, Lust, Deep Relaxation

Known Physical  + Emotional Benefits Of Selected Herbs

Aiding: Anxiety, Insomnia, Sleep, Digestion, Detoxification + Soothing of the Kidneys. Release of Negativity, Softening + Gentle Exfoliation of the Skin, Clearing of Blemishes + Soothing Dried or Tired Skin

Chakra Clearing

Crown, Third Eye, Heart + Solar plexus


Tea – Roughly 3g of herbs to every 10oz of boiling water, steeping for a minimum of 5  minutes up to 15 for your desired taste

Bath Potion – Roughly ½ to the full bag directly into warm bath water or into the muslin bag provided for a gentler dose


Tea: Organic: Lavender, Chamomile, Spearmint, Lemon Balm, Nettle, Rose Petals 

Bath Potion: Herbs as above, Corn Flowers, 100% Pure Therapeutic grade Lavender Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Pure Epsom Salt + Dead Sea Salt

How To Purchase

All blends come as a herbal tea with matching bath potion. You can purchase the Full Ritual including the herbal tea, bath potion + packet of non toxic incense within the Ritual Section of the website or you can purchase the tea or bath potion separately as above as you are guided! 

Magical Miracles x 

Please see FAQ for info on pregnancy, breastfeeding + allergens 

Customer Reviews

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This bottle looks so beautiful that I didn’t want to use it yet to let my eyes enjoy it a little longer. It smells incredible ✨

Fire ritual

This is the first ritual I’ve purchased from Mystic Jagger and wow was it incredible! The mixture of herbs and spices smelt amazing and I really felt the energy and connection from the ritual. I will be purchasing from here again!