Tranquillity Ritual


Our Tranquillity Ritual has been hand blended on the Full Moon with intuitively selected organic herbs + blessed with Reiki Master Energy + Celtic Traditions, gifting you an experience of magical deep relaxation, opening the pathway to reconnect with Yourself + Mother Nature.

The Tranquillity Ritual is best used in the evening helping to induce deep relaxation and peaceful sleep!

This Ritual includes a magical herbal tea, bath potion + packet of handmade non-toxic incense for a full soul awakening experience! Within your Ritual you will receive a tailored Ritual Experience Card with suggestions on how to best to perform your Ritual for optimum relaxation!

There are two options available:

Glass Potion Bottles

Refill Bags  

 Known Magical Benefits Of Selected Herbs

Love, Increase of Romance, Protection, Deep Healing, Rejuvenation, Self Love + Connection, Purification, Luck, Divination, Lust, Deep Relaxation

Known Physical  + Emotional Benefits Of Selected Herbs

Aiding: Anxiety, Insomnia, Sleep, Digestion, Detoxification + Soothing of the Kidneys. Release of Negativity, Softening + Gentle Exfoliation of the Skin, Clearing of Blemishes + Soothing Dried or Tired Skin

Chakra Clearing

Crown, Third Eye, Heart + Solar plexus


Tea: – Roughly 3g of herbs to every 8oz of boiling water, steeping for a minimum of 10 minutes up to 30 (Bag includes roughly 10-15 cups of tea)

Bath Potion:  – Roughly ½ to the full bag or bottle directly into warm bath water or into the muslin bag provided for a gentler dose


Tea: Organic: Lavender, Chamomile, Spearmint, Lemon Balm, Nettle, Rose Petals

Bath Potion: Herbs as above, Corn Flowers, 100% Pure Therapeutic grade Lavender Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Pure Epsom Salt + Dead Sea Salt

Please see FAQ for info on pregnancy, breastfeeding + allergens 

Customer Reviews

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Michelle Goodall
Absolutely perfect

This bath ritual is simply beautiful, from the bath potion to the yummy tea and gorgeous incense.
I can’t rate this highly enough.
After a long day I was really looking forward to a luxury soak with this beautiful ritual and it didn’t disappoint. I Could feel lots calm and positive energy from this experience Thank you so much I will definitely be purchasing more.

So lovely

I love the tranquility ritual bath and tea. What a divine bath and I absolutely have a more peaceful sleep after the tea.
The incense sticks that were in the box as a little extra are soooo amazing I’ll be ordering some.