Wild Woman Ritual


Our Wild Woman Ritual has been hand blended on the Full Moon (Red Moon Cycle) with intuitively selected organic herbs and blessed with Reiki Master Energy, honouring your magical journey of being a wild woman at heart connecting with your divine feminine energy. In the most intimate way, during your blessed monthly cycle, choosing to worship your divine body, releasing all judgement and relishing in your wild woman energy! This Ritual has been created as a true celebration of being the wild woman you know you are!

This Ritual is best used throughout the time of your bleed. It can be used on the days approaching, during or slightly after. All to be used as you and your body are guided for deep healing and soothing both physical and emotional blockages and discomforts resulting in a more balanced equilibrium.

This Ritual includes a magical herbal tea, bath potion and handmade non-toxic incense for a full soul awakening experience! Within your Ritual you will receive a tailored Ritual Experience Card with suggestions on how to best perform your Ritual to relish in your divine feminine energy!

There are two options available: 

 Glass Bottles


Refill Bags

Known Magical Benefits Of Selected Herbs

Love, Sleep, Purification, Increased Divination, Connection to the Divine Feminine, Psychic Abilities, Lust Inducing, Deep Relaxation

Known Physical + Emotional Benefits Of Selected Herbs

Release + support of Menstrual Discomforts (cramps, bloating, headache), Improved Lymphatic + Blood Flow, Detoxification, Soothing of the Nervous System, Easing of Muscles Aches + Tension, Stress Relief

Chakra Clearing

Third Eye, Heart + Root


Tea – Roughly 3g of herbs to every 10oz of boiling water, steeping for a minimum of 10 minutes up to 30 (Bag includes roughly 10-15 cups of tea)

Bath Potion  – Roughly ½ to the full bag directly into warm bath water or into the muslin bag provided for a gentler dose


Tea: Valerian Root, Lavender, Chamomile, Spearmint, Hibiscus Flower, Nettle, Rose Petals, Elderflower, Rosemary

Bath Potion: Herbs As Above, Corn Flowers, 100% pure therapeutic grade Lavender Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, Pure Epsom Salt (magnesium), Dead Sea Salt

Please see FAQ for info on pregnancy, breastfeeding + allergens 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
I would recommend this 100%!

I think I was bowled over from the moment I opened the box, it's contents so beautifully & carefully presented. I have never done anything like this self-care ritual before and now I am making sure this magic is weaved into my life on a regular basis. I felt renewed, calm, soothed, strong and peaceful. The restorative tea, the dried flowers in the bath potion, the incense, the darkness lit by the warmth of flickering candles, cocooned by the most beautiful scent, it was all pure magic and it made me feel amazing. Thank you so very much.

Magical Perfection ✨

Without doubt this is the most amazing ritual. From the minute you open the box and breathe in the gorgeous scent and see the beautiful contents ~ the magick begins. From start to finish its perfection. The tea is so good, and the bath is sublime. The whole house takes on the beautiful smell of the incense which means you continue to be wrapped in the postivity of the ritual long after you’ve stepped out of the bath and drunk the tea.
It left me feeling soothed, centred, calm and empowered.
I cannot recommend it enough and will happily unleash my inner Wild
Woman every month with this ritual.

Kellyann Fitzpatrick

Mystic Jagger!! Thank you. I received my Wild Woman Ritual. I will be honest I was skeptical about how the tea would taste but it was amazing!! The smells of everything included were just beautiful and it really encouraged me to take time for me. I felt very relaxed afterwards. Also the packaging and instructions were to such a high standard. Will definetly order again and recommend!